REILLY, Harry Grant

At a meeting of the Q.A.T.B. in 1917 the Stanthorpe Q.A.T.B. voted to make their services available to the Sanatorium. Harry Grant REILLY was in charge of the Stanthorpe Ambulance Service from 1919 until 1932.

As the Officer in Charge of the ambulance, Harry would have have a great deal to do with the Kyoomba Sanatorium, collecting and taking patients to and from the railway station as well as attending to the transportation of the men who died at the sanatorium.

On the 21 August 1923 Harry became a member of the Stanthorpe Freemason Lodge. Harry died in the Brisbane Hospital on the 17 July 1947.

NOTE: This person is known to have had a connection to the Kyoomba Sanatorium but more details about them would be welcome.
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