2nd February 1907
Advertisment in the Brisbane Courier calling for tenders to build sanatorium for Mrs M Allison.

12th October 1915
Defence Memo No. 65281 – Particulars of “Kyoomba” Sanatorium Stanthorpe

22nd November 1916
Mrs Allison contacts the AIF – Telegram received stating that the AIF had been offered the use of the Sanatorium rent free for the period of the war and two years after, 20 beds are available.

20th December 1916
Permission granted to take up the offer to use “Kyoomba” Sanatorium

5th March 1917
Nomination of Captain J.E.F. McDonald, A.A.M.C., as Medical Officer accepted.

7th April 1917
Notification that Kyoomba had been officially opened.

1st May 1917
Staff approved 1 Medical Officer Capt. (part time), 2 Staff Sergeants, 2 Corporals, 1 Sister, 3 Staff Nurses, 1 Domestic.

16th June 1917
Red Cross – Confirmation that there were 18 patients at the Kyoomba Sanatorium.

11th August 1917
Memo – Only early cases sent to Kyoomba. No advanced cases sent because of lack of accommodation. Kyoomba can now accommodate 40 patients with the erection of 2 floored tents. Currently 25 patients with 3 more arriving on the 13th August. With the erection and flooring of further hospital tents this could be increased to 60 but because of present conditions it would be inadvisable to accommodate more.

22nd August 1917
Report by J.E.F. McDonald, Capt., O.C. listing positive aspects of Kyoomba.

6th October 1917
Mrs Margaret Allison offers to sell Kyoomba Sanatorium and 256 acres freehold, which is made up of 5 blocks, to the Defence Department for 3100 Pounds to be paid in War Loan Bonds, the interest of which for the next 5 years is to be donated back to the Sanatorium.

22nd June 1918
William George Orford, inmate at the Kyoomba Sanatorium, has photographs of the Sanatorium published in The Queenslander.

10th August 1918
Report of sanatorium by Chairman of Board of Business Administration. Cancelled purchase of land for new sanatorium at Thulimbah in preference to purchase of Kyoomba.

23rd August 1918
Minister for Defence has approved the immediate purchase of “Kyoomba”.

5th October 1918
List of 20 military and 2 civilian staff and 41 patients noted residing at the sanatorium at that time by Lt. G. H. Schemalleck.

4th March 1919
Approx. 44 patients with a possible 25 arriving now the War had concluded.

31st March 1919
Revised plans approved however concern as there are now 54 patients with the possibility of many more to come.

4th April 1919
Hot water and electrical work approved.

29th January 1921
Queensland branch of the Department of Repatriation will shortly resume control of the Stanthorpe Sanatorium which has been administered by the Defence Department. It will be known in future as Kyoomba Sanatorium.

5th March 1921
Dr A. H. Melville accompanied by Lieutenant-General Sir Harry Chauvel will inspect the Repatriation Department’s Kyoomba Sanatorium, Stanthorpe, next Monday.

23rd July 1921
Applications are invited for the position of STAFF NURSE at the Repatriation “Kyoomba” Sanatorium, Stanthorpe, for a period of approximately six (6) weeks as from 1st August, 1921. Salary 5/11 per diem, with quarters and rations, in addition to this 3 pence per diem laundry allowance. Cost of living allowance and Basic Wage will be paid.

23rd August 1922
Tenders are invited, returnable at NOON on FRIDAY, 1st September, 1922, for Erection of Residence for medical Officer at “Kyoomba” Sanatorium, Stanthrope.

22nd May 1923
On the suggestion of the Medical Superintendent at Kyoomba (Stanthorpe), a few carpenter tools had been forwarded to his care for the use of men who wished to put in their time using them.

2nd January 1924
Outside the metropolis a repatriation institution, which is doing particularly good work, at the present time, is the Kyoomba Sanatorium, situated near Stanthorpe. Here there are 50 patients … The whole system at Kyoomba was appreciated by the men who, besides walking and gardening, had for recreation purposes the benefits of a lawn tennis court and a croquet green.

2nd February 1924
Dr. W.H. Steel, medical superintendent of the Repatriation Sanatorium, Stanthorpe reported that 61 patients are housed there with a staff ranging from 20 to 30 according to the number of patients. Only returned soldiers were admitted to the sanatorium, including those from Canada & New Zealand.

22nd July 1924
Newspapers report that Mr. Fraser East, President of the R.S.S.I.L.A. visited the Kyoomba Military Sanatorium.

21st October 1924
The Hon. General Secretary, in her report of the past month’s activities, stated that the Repatriation Convalescent Farm at Mount Gravatt having closed during the month, all Red Cross properties have been removed. The piano has been sold, and the two billiard tables transferred to Kyoomba Sanatorium, the large one, after being recovered, being placed in the patients’ recreation room, and the smaller one being loaned for the use of the staff of the institution, who are all returned soldiers.

15th February 1925
Matron Valetta Horswill leaves Kyoomba Sanatorium in January 1925.

24th February 1925
A pleasant afternoon was spent at the Kyoomba Sanatorium on Friday, when the Australian Scottish Ladies’ Pipe Band and Concert Party entertained the patients.

25th March 1925
On Friday last a motor trip was arranged by Mrs. and Miss White, of Stanthorpe, on behalf of the Red Cross society, for the benefit of the patients in the sanatorium. About 40 patients took advantage of the trip, and seven cars were placed at their disposal.

April 1927
The Duke & Duchess of York requested that while they were in Australia, they wanted to see and be seen by as many people as possible and to meet returned soldiers, new settlers, war widows, bereaved mothers and school children. They took time to visited the Kyoomba Sanatorium while visiting the Stanthorpe district.

14th June 1928
Bert Hinkler visits Sanatorium. (5 years before his death).

22nd June 1929
Dr. W.J. Beveridge (Major) leaves Perth to take up position at Kyoomba Sanatorium.

2nd August 1929
Dr Steel leaves Kyoomba Sanatorium (there from 1920-1929) to take up position at Rosemount Sanatorium.

22nd September 1931
Monthly supplies of extras have been forwarded to the Kyoomba Repatriation Sanatorium, Stanthorpe, and arrangements are being made for the fruit to be supplied locally. A new wireless set has been installed, and a set of billiard balls forwarded.

21st June 1932
Kyoomba Repatriation Sanatorium, Stanthorpe, had not so many patients in the winter months. Mrs C. F. White visited the men regularly, and arranged picnics and drives. A supply of bed socks had been forwarded from headquarters in addition to the regular monthly supplies. Arrangements were made in Stanthorpe for vegetables and salads to be supplied to the sanatorium.

23rd October, 1934
During the recent visit of the Home Secretary a deputation headed by Major Costello waited on him in connection with the Kyoomba Sanatorium and its proposed closing down. The object of the deputation was to ask the government to take over the institution. A visit was made on the Friday morning by the Home Secretary for the purpose of inspection the buildings, and to ascertain the position. Mr. Hanlon later definitely stated that the government would not take
the sanatorium over as requested.

Kyoomba Sanatorium closes.

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